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HP DV4-1000 WHITE LA 9J.N2G82.M0R NSK-HFD1E Laptop keyboard



Version : LA

Model : 9J.N2G82.M0R NSK-HFD1E

Condition: Original! Brand new!

Version: LA

Color: Silver 

Part Number:


Compatible Model

HP Pavilion DV4 Series 
HP Pavilion DV4-1000 Series  
dv4-1000ea dv4-1001ax dv4-1001tu dv4-1001tx dv4-1001xx dv4-1002ax dv4-1002tu dv4-1002tx dv4-1002xx dv4-1003ax dv4-1003tu 
dv4-1003tx dv4-1004ax dv4-1004tu dv4-1004tx dv4-1005tx dv4-1006tx dv4-1007tx dv4-1008tx dv4-1009tx dv4-1010tx dv4-1011tx 
dv4-1012tx dv4-1013tx dv4-1014nr dv4-1014tx dv4-1015tx dv4-1016tx dv4-1017tx dv4-1018tx dv4-1019tx dv4-1020us dv4-1021tx 
dv4-1022tx dv4-1023tx dv4-1024tx dv4-1025tx dv4-1026tx dv4-1027tx dv4-1028tx dv4-1028us dv4-1029tx dv4-1030ee dv4-1030ei 
dv4-1030ej dv4-1030tx dv4-1031tx dv4-1032tx dv4-1033tx dv4-1034tx dv4-1035la dv4-1035tx dv4-1036tx dv4-1037tx dv4-1038tx 
dv4-1039tx dv4-1040ee dv4-1040ei dv4-1040tx dv4-1041tx dv4-1042tx dv4-1043tx dv4-1044tx dv4-1045tx dv4-1048tx dv4-1050ee 
dv4-1050er dv4-1070ef dv4-1080es dv4-1090es 
HP Pavilion DV4-1100 Series  
HP Pavilion DV4-1200 Series 

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